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I found this translation of FMA: Conqueror of Shamballa’s prototype script. I can’t confirm for translation accuracy, but it’s better than nothing. This is the first entry. Click the arrows at the top to move between entries.

I had read somewhere that the movie could have been as long as 3 hours if not for all the mandatory cuts they had to do. I personally wouldn’t have minded, because the character development would have been amazing

Reading this script and its accompanying notes made me understand why some of the scenes in COS felt rushed. True, I like the movie overall (and I drool over the art style), but I knew there must be something missing, and this script was a great read to understand what the creators’ vision was.

Here in bullets are some of my favorite sadly-never-made-it-to-the-final-cut scenes from the script:

  • Ed mentally slapped across the face as he fully realizes that Al has the mentality of a twelve year old. A genius twelve-year old, sure, but a child nonetheless. Ed is eighteen in COS. The difference in maturity between their ways of thinking is obvious and sad in a way. I can’t imagine what Ed must have felt upon realizing the most important person in his life remembers nothing of what they went through together and for each other. Al is equally frustrated and feels like no one is telling him the complete story.
  • Izumi’s death was going to be on-screen, and it was heartbreaking. Winry is there, and takes it hard.
  • Ed once asks Alfons to call him Nii-san, but his voice is drowned out and Alfons never hears it.
  • Izumi tells Winry that Al’s genius in alchemy may even surpass his brother’s.
  • More scenes that properly establish Ed’s feelings of listlessness and imprisonment.
  • Alfons was originally going to walk in on Noah mind-reading Ed during that sleeping scene, and was so going to take it the wrong way.
  • Wrath’s character, especially in regards to his relationship with Izumi and later on Alphonse, is explored more deeply. And of course as per original FMA tradition - the results are heartbreaking. In fact, the creators intentionally removed a lot of Wrath scenes from the movie because they felt that his death would be too painful to watch had they delved that deep into his character. 
  • In an earlier version of the script, Al is the one who ends up saving Amestris.
  • Although Hohenheim disappears without a trace, Ed just assumes he is traveling. He seems to have gotten over the feeling of abandonment, and is more or less not as resentful of his father as he used to be.
  • Mustang tells Winry that he has no right to dream or have ambition. Not when he couldn’t save Maes Hughes or Edward Elric.
  • BEST FOR LAST: Wrath is literally a broshipper. He sacrifices himself so that his brotp can be a reality.


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